What is Japanese Lotion and Why it is the Most Amazing Toner You Will Ever Try

Japanese Toners - The Most Amazing Toner You Will Ever Try!

Japanese Toners can be confusing at first. It is completely different from any traditional toners I had ever seen in America. The texture was completely different and I couldn’t wrap my head around what exactly it was supposed to do for my skin. When I finally got the chance to try it, I knew I was never going back.

So what is Japanese Toner and why it is the most AMAZING toner or should I say lotion (in Japan, toners are called lotion) you’ll ever try?  Well, first we have to distinguish the differences between Japanese lotions and Western toners.

Japanese lotions have a light texture and performs like a watery moisturizer, while Western toners (or astringents) usually have a liquidy texture and contains a higher percentage of alcohol. Products with high alcohol percentage can dry out your skin, especially if it is on the more oily side. This can lead to bumps, enlarged pores, and even an increase of oil production on your skin.

So, let's move onto the good stuff!

Japanese lotions are extremely gentle and don’t dry out the skin. It actually does quite the opposite compared to Western toners. Although some lotions do contain alcohol, these products are well balanced in formulation and consist of a high concentration and blend of humectants such as hyaluronic acid (“What is Hyaluronic Acid & It’s Amazing Benefits?” Blog Coming Soon). They are designed to moisturize and soften the skin in order to enhance the absorption of other products, so that the ingredients can soak into your skin better. In addition, they also help restore any moisture loss during cleansing and balance your skin's pH.  Japanese lotion are lightweight and suitable for all skin types. 

Another bonus of Japanese toners...

There's so many ways to use it!  Add the toner to a compressed face mask or cotton pad and use it as a mask for deeper hydration, or chill it for a cooling effect.  Seriously, the list goes on! Check out our blog on the many ways you can use a toner! 

Now you know the amazing benefits that Japanese Toners have to offer you and your skin, and why you MUST definitely incorporate this product into your routine. Try one out and you may never go back to a traditional Western toner again. It is definitely a game changer in my skincare routine and hopefully yours as well!

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