What is The Yoku Glow?

The Yoku Glow is a one stop beauty shop with a personal touch, dedicated to Japanese Beauty. When it comes to self-care products, we're all about FEM - Fun, Effective, and Minimal and that's exactly what you will find on our shop and in our J-beauty Discovery Kits!  Our glow journey began in Japan and we want to share it with you - our tried and true Japanese skincare and lifestyle products.  Experience the best of J-Beauty, straight from Japan to your doorstep with ease, and incorporate what works for you into your own routine, for a healthy glowing you, one discovery at a time.

How do I purchase a kit?
Add the kit to your cart and check out.   

How much does the Yoku Glow Discovery Kit cost?

    How can I send a product or a discovery box as a gift?
    Of course (and cheers to your lucky friend)!  Simple input the name of the person you're sending it to and their address at check out.  You can even include a note in the note section!  


    When will my The Yoku Glow Discovery Kit arrive?
     The Yoku Glow Discovery Kit ships every 2 months.  Existing Schedule:

    The Yoku Glow Box

    Purchase Date Begins On:

    Approximate Shipping Date


    Week of September 15

    First week of October 


    Week of November 15

    First week of December


    Week of January 15

    First week of February 


    Week of March 15

    First week of April 


    Week of May 15

    First week of June


    Week of July 15

    First week of August


    What is the cost of shipping?
    Free Shipping over $35 and everything under is a flat rate of $5.00. 

    Shipping Logistics
    The Yoku Glow currently ships only in the United States. We ship via USPS. You’ll receive a shipment notification email with a tracking number as soon as your Yoku Glow purchase is on its way. Delivery does not require a signature.

    I'm having problems with my tracking number.
    Oftentimes the carrier takes 1–2 business days to register your shipment status. If your tracking number isn’t updating or working at all, please email us at ygteam@theyokuglow.com so we can provide you with an update.


    I never received by order. 
    We are so sorry to hear that! Please email at ygteam@theyokuglow.com and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

    I’m missing a product from my order/in my discovery kit.
    Please send your name, order number and details of the product that you are missing to ygteam@theyokuglow.com and a team member will respond within 24 hours regarding your replacement.


    Can I return products from my Yoku Glow Box if I don't like them? 
    We do not accept returns, but if you have any concerns about the quality of a product, please email ygteam@theyokuglow.com or feel free to give it to a family member or friend! 


    Where do you source the products and are they authentic? 

    No drop shipping here!  We work directly with the brands themselves or with their official authorized distributors and we promise 100% authenticity.  In addition, we inspect each product that passes through our hands to confirm the product is legitimate and without defects before it touches your hands.  

    I don't see the Japanese product that I want on your site.

    Can't find the product you want on our site?  No worries, send us a recommendation and we'll look into it.  Every product on our site has been vetted by us and our test team.  If you don't see what you're looking for, it may be that we just haven't gotten to it yet.  

    Who do I contact if I want my products considered for inclusion in an upcoming The Yoku Glow Discovery Kit? 
    Thank you for your interest! Please send all inquiries to ygteam@theyokuglow.com and a team member will be in contact with you as soon as possible.  

    Who should I contact if I need more information about The Yoku Glow?
    Feel free to contact us at: ygteam@theyokuglow.com

    The Yoku Glow, LLC.

    PO BOX 93451

    Los Angeles, CA 90093