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We started the Yoku Glow to be a place to learn and discover Japanese skincare and above all, to bring a new perspective to self-care.

Our inspiration for The Yoku Glow is deeply rooted through our travel experiences. As we explore new cities and towns, we take a piece of our experiences back home. These treasures can be something small like a skin care product or something big like a cultural philosophy.  Whatever it may be, it has impacted our lives in ways we could only understand looking back and we’re so excited to share our experiences with you, by bringing you a piece of Japan.

We hope you enjoy our tried and true selection of Japanese skincare products.  If there’s a product you believe deserves a spot here, let us know!

A New Perspective To Self-Care

We’re not perfect, we’re healing and glowing as we go. 

How lovely would it be, to find that in the future, a cracked and healed cup can be even more beautiful than a perfect cup.  This one change in perspective through traveling and observing how Japan interpreted skincare led us to develop a self-care routine that focuses on being good to our future self.  

Sandy + Liz