4 Ways To Use Japanese Lotion

First time owning a Japanese Lotion? Not sure if you’re doing this whole J-Beauty ‘thing’ properly? Don’t worry! The Yoku Glow will share the 4 Simple Ways to Use Japanese Lotion. 

A little intro to Japanese Lotion? 

Many J-Beauty enthusiasts can go on-and-on about how Japanese lotion (toner)  is one of the top 5 most important skin care products on the Japanese market! It tones, softens, incorporates hydration, and so much more! What’s the difference between Japanese vs Western toners? While Japanese lotions include a variety of humectants “Western toners (or astringents) usually have a liquidy texture and contains a higher percentage of alcohol.” (Yang 7). 

Here are the 4 ways you can use Japanese Lotion:

1. Use a cotton pad, pour the lotion onto the pad and gently press and swipe onto the face and neck. 
-Highly recommended: Uru Uru Cotton Pads. These special pads retain the product rather than absorbing them like a regular cotton pad! 

2. Pour the lotion onto your palm and gently press the product into your face and neck.

3. Add the lotion to a facemask (or new cotton pads) and let it saturate. Apply onto your face and wait for 10 minutes for the skin to absorb the product. 
-This method is usually done twice a week. 

4. Refrigerate the lotion overnight for a nice cooling effect and apply lotion with any method above! Best way to wake-up your face. 

Overall, there is no complication of using Japanese lotion as long as you follow these simple steps! We’ve hope these methods will steer you into experimenting more of the JBeauty world. You better hurry because you won’t want to miss it! 

(Read more about Japanese Lotions here.)

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