Why Bi-Monthly, Not Monthly?

You’re probably wondering why our J-Beauty Box, The Yoku Glow, is a bi-monthly subscription and not a monthly one like all the other common beauty boxes out there, right? 

Well, let’s start with the basics, what exactly is a bi-monthly subscription? A bi-monthly subscription is an order that comes in every other month. Got the idea? Great, let’s move on! 

Most beauty and skin care subscription boxes tend to throw in random products that don’t really go together or aren’t really needed in everyone’s skincare routine. For example, it’s been four months and you’ve gone through so many moisturizers and some random elixirs, but you’re in need of a toner/lotion or you have a box full of products you probably will never use.  The Yoku Glow will always provide you with all of the Japanese essentials in a daily skin care routine! From the double cleansers to the face masks, you will always have a quick and easy regimen with a guide card that can help you easily follow! Our boxes will always come with 2 FULL SIZED products, but never the same product for the next. That means, by your third box, you will have 6 FULL SIZED JAPANESE PRODUCTS that will make or add to your COMPLETED SKIN CARE ROUTINE.  Each box you receive will always have a complete skin care routine made up of travel and sample size Japanese products to play off of!

With The Yoku Glow, you have the opportunity to try out a variety of J-beauty products that works for all skin types in a way that promotes daily self-care.  

That’s great and all, but two months is sure a long time, isn’t it?  In all honesty, it’s all about patience. Clear skin doesn’t happen overnight, it comes with great effort. To see if our J-Beauty products take affect, you have to use them consistently day and night. Results should show after 2 weeks and with a big or small boost, consistency is key. Also, your skin begins to change and adapt to products after a certain amount of time, which isn’t always a bad thing. So, having to test other Japanese skin care products every two months could definitely enhance the state of your skin from how it was before to an even better result! 

Now, how long would it take to get glowy skin? It varies, many people see a great improvement in their skin after a month and others, it takes 3 months. Again, it’s all about the routine. If clear skin came with a snap of the finger, why would acne, hyperpigmentation, and flakiness exist anyways? Am I right or am I right? Exactly.


On the whole, The Yoku Glow’s bi-monthly subscription is a great way to go for a skin care box. You learn how to work with J-beauty products more intimately, you get to see the full effect of your skin’s improvement, and it makes you anticipate on what we have in store for you in our next J-Beauty box! Did you subscribe yet? 

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