Like a wardrobe, your skin care routine should evolve with the seasons and changes in the weather because it’s no secret that weather can affect the skin.

With winter comes a lack of humidity and chilly winds and when you combined that with dry indoor temperatures from heaters, the skin becomes dehydrated and dull.  So it is necessary to add products with more hydrating power in your routine along with drinking more water to stay hydrated.  So, today we’re breaking down our J-beauty winter skincare routine – morning and night- and sharing with you the products we’re using along with winter tips on how to keep your skin glowing all winter long.

The J-Beauty Routine: 

No. 1 - Double Cleanse (Gentle wash in the AM and Double Cleanse in the PM)

If there’s only two things you take away from reading this, please let double cleansing be one of them along with sunscreen.  The golden rule to glowing skin is to start and end with a clean face (day and night) while using a gently exfoliating once or twice a week.  A double cleanse consists of a gel or oil-base makeup remover followed by a gentle foaming cleanser. In the morning, a double cleanse isn’t necessary, but at night it’s a must to remove all makeup and impurities from the day.  During the winter, use a cleanser that is gently yet packed with moisturizing ingredients such as amino acids or sake. 

No. 2  - Lotion/Toner (AM and PM)

Toners (often called lotion in Japan) balance your skin’s pH level and prep your skin for the rest of your routine to absorb and retain moisturizer.  How does it prep your skin? It makes your skin soft and supple for the next step.  Toners with Coix Seed Extract, Amino Acids, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, Sake, or rice extract will keep the skin hydrated while it conditions and protects the skin.  Avoid toners with alcohol at all cost. 

No 3. - Serum (AM and PM)

Serums contains active ingredients that hydrates and nourishes your skin for the winter months.  So if your skin is on the drier side, it’s important to add one with more hydrating power. Our top 3 serums during the winter months to nourish and hydrate the skin are those with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and squalane oil.  

No. 4 - Moisturizer (AM and PM)

Most of us think of moisturizers as the product that hydrates the skin, however, in Japan, moisturizers are meant to lock hydration in, rather than actually provide your skin with hydration. With that said, that’s why moisturizers go on last.  For the winter, it's important to use water creams, which are H2O-based and oil-free.  Just like the body needs water to rehydrate, so does the skin.  One of our favorite moisturizer is the Naturie Conditioning Gel because it helps the skin lock in moisture while it replenishes the skin's nutrients.  

No. 5 - Sunscreen (AM)

This step only applies to your morning routine, but it’s one that should never be skipped. "The sun’s harmful rays are just as strong and damaging despite what your thermometer says ― particularly the UVA rays which are responsible for aging skin. UVA radiation reaches deeper into the skin and contributes to wrinkles and skin cancer risk."   Always apply a layer of sunscreen every morning, even when it’s cloudy, cold, or even when you’ll only be outside for 30 minutes. During the winter months, choose a lightweight sunscreen that is formulated with hydrating ingredients.  

Stay tuned to read more about the Glow Team’s Winter (Day and Night) Routine


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