5 Japanese Winter Skin Tips

As the colder season is approaching it’s definitely taking a toll on my skin. Dry, flaky, and bumpy skin is not exactly the look I’m going for. We all get enough family judgment already during the holiday season. Why not at least have hydrated glowing skin while at it? Here are 5 Japanese Winter Skin Tips to help you achieve that Yoku Glowing skin this upcoming winter.

1. Cool Down the Hot Baths 

Now we all love a long hot bath, especially with the freezing weather outside. Though Japan has quite the bathing culture. They tend to turn down the heat as bathing in high temperature can strip the skin of its essential oils causing dryness.

2. Facial Massages to Increase that Blood Flow

Having poor blood circulation, especially during the winter months can affect the skin cells from receiving nutrients properly. So, with the help of facial massages it can help the blood circulation going, and help with the skin turnover cycle (which is the process by which our skin produces new skin). This will allow your skin to show its natural youthful glow.

3. Staying Hydrated with Green Tea

Staying hydrated from the inside out is a must-do, especially for the winter months. Japanese swear by drinking green tea as it has so many benefits for the skin and body. Find out more about the benefits of green tea by checking out our blog series here.

4. Get Rid of That Dead Skin

Exfoliating can often be a step we miss, but with the colder months approaching that dead skin can build up quickly as our skin gets drier. Exfoliating at least 1-2 times a week can get rid of that buildup, and allow your moisturisers to absorb into the skin better, and gives you the appearance of smoother more radiant skin. 

5. Sheet Face Mask All Day Everyday 

Sheet face mask are Japanese’s most popular and notable skincare secret. They’re easy to use, provide immense hydration, and are available everywhere. Applying a sheet mask at least once a week can improve the hydration and texture to your skin. 

YOKU TIP - Create Your Own Sheet Face Mask

Using cotton pads and your favorite hydrating toner. 

In our upcoming December Yoku Glow box we are including the Unicharm Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton Pads and the Momo Puri Lotion.

 *Apply toner to your cotton pad and apply the soak pads to your forehead, cheeks, and chin. There you have it your own sheet face mask! Leave it on for 15 minutes and remove pads. Then allow the leftover essense to soak in.

Hopefully these skin tips will keep you hydrated and glowing all winter long. Be sure to stay tuned for our December Yoku Glow Box coming soon and remember to stay warm. :)

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