Timeless Ingredients Series: Silk Protein Feat. Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Japanese skincare ingredients have been produced, shared, and spread worldwide and we, as consumers, never questioned it’s raw formula because well...the product results are amazing! On this week’s Timeless Ingredients Series, we're introducing silk cocoon essence/Silk protein.  

Silk protein, sericin, has been hailed for having anti-wrinkle, anti-aging benefits, as well as for promoting skin elasticity and moisturizing.  Let's take a deeper dive. 

Silk Protein (Sericin) : Silk Powder

  • Silk production originated in China and had a massive spread to Japan around 300 AD.
  • Contains the same Amino Acids found on our skin which means for great compatibility. 
  • Sericin is found in Silk Protein.
    • Known to have anti-wrinkle and anti-aging benefits.
    • Also, demonstrates skin elasticity and moisturizing.
    • Forms a layer over the skin to lock in moisture at cell level of hydration.
  • Silk Powder evens out skin texture, reduces the appearance of large pores and fine lines. 
    • Well reduces the appearance of enlarged pores without causing them to feel congested.
    • Absorbs excessive oil.
    • Prevents skin dehydration.
    • Lessen the appearance of signs of aging.
    • Help strengthen cracked skin. 

  • For cosmetic purposes, will make a smooth base for applying makeup. 
    • Brings a radiant effect onto the skin 
    • Combined with makeup, it gives off a radiance-boost as well.
  • Silk Powder is also composed of Fibroin, one of the two proteins in silk. 
    • Particles helps it reflect light- giving off the sleek and natural glow.
  • Silk Powder also comes in many functions:
    • Exfoliant
    • Emollient
    • Moisturizer
    • Astringent
    • Radiant effect and much more.

Ready to add silk protein to your skin care routine? Here are some cult favorite Japanese skincare cleansers: 

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder is a Japanese cleansing powder that does double duties - clean and exfoliate. It comes in individual pods that can be easily carried in your gym bag or purse for a quick, clean wash anywhere.  It’s suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES and is a cult favorite. Exfoliators aren’t meant to be used daily, but this is a “cult favorite” is one you can use as a daily cleanse. You get the firm and clear looking skin without feeling dried out!  This exfoliator wash has many amazing ingredients from enzymes to Hyaluronic acid, but we will be focusing on one of its traditional components, Silk Powder/Silk Protein (Sericin)

Senka Perfect Whip is the #1 selling Japanese cleanser for 10 consecutive years!  A gentle way to clean impurities for smooth and hydrated skin. It's formulated with naturally derived silk essence that protects and softens the skin, double hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the skin, and Shiseido’s unique Aqua-in-Pool formulation that strengthens the skin barriers against day-to-day damages.  It's suitable for all skin types, especially for normal, combo, oily and dry skin.  

If you haven't tried silk protein, don't wait any longer, add these Japanese skincare to your routine and feel the difference! 


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