Timeless Ingredients Series: Rice/Green Tea Feat. Makanai Rice-Bran Moisturizing Wash in Green Tea

Japan has many 200-year-old beauty secrets us modern people want to get in touch with today. It’s not always necessarily about what the Japanese can physical do to achieve glowing skin, it’s what traditional Japanese ingredients they use to attain it. The Yoku Glow is glad to introduce to you our Timeless Ingredient Series: Modern J-Beauty Skincare Products with Traditional Japanese Ingredients! 

Firstly, who doesn’t love Japanese beauty facial cleansers?! One of our Yoku Glow favorites is the Makanai Rice-Bran Moisturizing Wash in Green Tea!  If you haven’t tried it, you should definitely add this product to your wishlist! This is a moisturizing facial wash thats suits ALL SKIN TYPES. Since the winter season is coming up, it will definitely come in handy for the dry skin that will be visiting everyone real soon! 

The Makanai Rice-Bran Moisturizing Wash has many great ingredients, but the two traditional Japanese ingredients we want to cover are: Rice/Rice Extract and Green Tea Leaf (Matcha)

Rice Extract: Sake (Rice Wine) / Aka Fermented Rice Water
  • Discovered when sake (rice wine) brewery workers in Japan were noticed to have beautiful soft hands.
    - Preferred to use fermented rice water on the skin rather than fresh. 
  • Homemade/Fresh Rice Water:
    - Can work well to reduce the appearance of pores.
    - Create a luminous inner glow.
    - Antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins in the rice water are increased during the fermentation process.
    - Helps build the skin’s capacity to retain moisture.
  • Allantoin, found in rice water, a nutrient that helps calm skin and promote healing.
    - Known to increase the water content of skin's extracellular matrix.
    - In other words, Allantoin helps make skin softer, more resilient and more hydrated.
    - When used in a face wash, Allantoin removes layers of dead skin, which results in a cleaner, brighter complexion.
    - It also can be used as an exfoliant
  • Vitamin A is also included.
    - Stimulates Fibroblasts, dermal fibroblasts are cells within the dermis (2nd) layer of skin which are responsible for generating connective tissue and allowing the skin to recover, which...
    - Encourages in skin cell (collagen) production and firmness.
    - One of the key nutrients for anti-aging power. 
  • Vitamin C also found in rice water.
    - Great for toning and enhancing brightened skin and evening out complexion (hyperpigmentation). 
  • Vitamin E
    - Helps support skin health.
    - It's an antioxidant, making it effective at combating the effects of free radicals produced by the toxins in the environment.
  • There is also, Ferulic Acid 
    - A plant-based antioxidant
    - Primarily used to fight off free radicals.
    - Has the ability to fight free radicals while also boosting the effectiveness of other antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, and E.
    - In skin serums, Ferulic Acid tends to work well with other antioxidants,  especially Vitamin C.
    - Thought to help stabilize vitamin C while also increasing its photoprotection, photoprotection refers to something’s ability to minimize sun damage.
    - Study shows, Ferulic Acid has the potential to offer twice the amount of photoprotection when combined with vitamins C and E.
  1. Green Tea (Matcha): Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Green Tea is carried in many forms such as powder, liquid, and so on. It’s originally made from Camellia Sinensis.
  • Camellia Sinensis is a tea plant which are small leaves made to produce tea. 
    - Other teas like Black, Oolong, and Ginger also derive from the same tea plant, but the Green Tea is the least processed
    - Which makes the natural benefits have their value and healthful properties.
  • Green Tea is rich in Polyphenols, Catechins, and Caffeine.
  • Polyphenols carries potent antioxidants and skin-soothing properties.
    - Improves the appearance of sun damage. 
    - Calms irritation and swelling while soothing redness.
    - Has proven to be a large part of anti-aging properties as well.
  • Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is also found in Green Tea.
    - Helps reduce inflammation and evens out the skin tone.
    - The antioxidants in EGCG are known to reduce acne and breakouts, yet increase in elasticity.
    - Reduces sebum production.
    - A huge benefit against UV rays and sun damage. 

Therefore, these two amazing traditional Japanese ingredients, Rice and Green Tea, combined into one cleansing product will benefit your skin in many wondrous ways! They are one of the many power couple ingredients that we need to achieve that amazing Yoku Glow! 

If you are wondering where you can purchase the Makanai Rice-Bran Moisturizing Wash in Green Tea, you can purchase it here for a limited time! 

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