Benefits Of A Minimal Skincare Routine

Japanese Beauty is known for its minimal beauty routine that produces a long lasting beautiful skin result.  Simplifying into a minimal skincare routine to ANYONE’s daily life could do wonders for their skin! For someone who doesn’t have a skincare routine at all may not like the feeling of all the products layered onto their face. That’s a change everyone can get used to because when their skin starts feeling soft and looking supple, they won’t regret a thing! 

Yes, we’ve often heard about the Korean 18-step skincare routine. There isn’t anything wrong with those extra steps, but let’s be honest, not everyone has the time to pamper up in the morning, unless you’re planning to wake up an extra 20 minutes earlier, then be my guest! Basically, the smaller amount of products the faster you can get out the door and you’re prone to not forget any steps. Trust me, when you miss a step of your routine, it will bother you for the whole day! Unsatisfied.  

So, what exactly should be in your basic skincare routine? That’s simple:

        -Oil Cleanser (Removes makeup - part of a PM routine)

        -Facial Cleanser


        -Moisturizer or Face Mask

        -Sunscreen (SPF) (Day Time)

Switching up to a minimal skincare routine could be the best answer for you, especially when the seasons start to change! It’s probably a good idea to go easy on your skin! 

On another note, one factor that I would state for the cause of some skin breakouts is product buildup. It can happen, maybe rarely for others, but it does exist. Skin care is all about making the bare minimum. Most of the time it’s best for your skin to breathe even from those luxurious serums you have been using all your life. In my case, a few years ago, I was breaking out terribly during the summer months. It honestly looked like I was breaking out in hives, no joke. I have been doing the same skincare routine for years. What could go wrong? 

Since, I was desperate, I tried to do everything that I could, externally, to help my skin calm down! I was on Proactiv, I used a pore-shrinking serum, clay masks, I stopped wearing makeup for the summer, and anything you could think of, I’ve tried it all! Nothing!

I suggested that I put nothing on my face for a week, since it was that bad, and then go back to a basic 4 part routine. It was like I’ve found the cure to all of my skin problems! Dramatic, I know. The redness, the texture, it all died down in a couple of weeks. Obviously, results may vary, but for me it worked like magic. 

Now, for skincare newbies, do not be scared to try new items to achieve smoother skin! Your skin, especially for skincare virgins, is probably thirsty for hydration! So, the minimal skincare action could actually be a great way to achieve that glow!

In other words, too much of anything can be as bad as nothing at all. If your curious on how to start minimizing your skincare routine, definitely check out our Japanese Beauty Discovery Kits and begin your journey there! Until next time!

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