Yuzu - A Magical Onsen Bath

With colder weather upon us, it’s important to keep our immune system up and take some extra time for ourselves.  With that said, we can’t think of a perfect time than now to prep for the year ahead by indulging in some serious self-care. In Japan, many mark the middle of winter by taking a traditional yuzu bath, usually on Winter Solstice day – which fell on December 21st this year.

What exactly is Yuzu? 

Yuzu is a citrus fruit found in East Asia with a history of over 1200 years.  The fruit originated in central China and Tibet, and was eventually introduced to Japan and Korea, where most crops are grown today. In Japan, the Yuzu fruit is grown for three purposes, culinary, hot bathing and medicinal. The fruit looks somewhat like a cross between a small grapefruit and a lemon and is usually a yellowish orange color with uneven skin texture. 

What’s the benefits of a Yuzu bath?


(Picture sourced from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro)

Yuzu produces a distinctive refreshing aroma that relaxes the body and mind while easing aches, relieving stress, and soothing sore muscles.  It's packed with health-providing properties that includes vitamin C, A, calcium and citric acid.  The yuzu rinds contains Nomilin (an essential oil component) aids in relaxation and promotes better circulation. Bathing with this vitamin C-rich fruit (which contains 3 times more than that of lemon) will soften and brighten the skin, and is believed to ward off winter colds and flu, and healing of chapped skin.  It’s also believed to bring good fortune for the new year by soaking all your worries away and clearing your mind for new thoughts. 

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