What's the difference? Hydrogel Mask Vs. Sheet Mask

Sheet masks can be a life saver when you’re limited on time and so much fun when you really want to go all out in self care (yes to getting sheet faced)! 

From the time I got into skin care, sheet masks were my go-to and must have stocked up in my bathroom counter.  In recent years, sheet masks have taken over as one of the most popular skin care products in the world, largely to the influence of K-beauty. With high demands come new innovation and the birth of hydrogel sheet masks.  (You can try them both in The Yoku Glow April Kawaii Box!)

What’s a hydrogel sheet mask? 

A hydrogel mask is a blend of cosmetic serums with gelatin to create a ‘jelly’ texture.  Most Hydrogel Mask comes in two parts, top and bottom, the bottom part is sticky and will adhere to the skin seamlessly and the top part can be a cotton texture or gel texture.  Why are hydrogel masks so popular now? It’s known to provide better moisture to the skin and it adheres to the skin without slipping around. These types of masks are often not dripping of beauty serums when you remove them from the bag, as they are infused with beauty ingredients not soaked in it, so even if it seems dry, it’s working.  The benefit of these types of masks is the cooling, soothing, and refreshing feel they have on the skin, especially on a hot summer day where you need cooling down (you can even keep these in the fridge for extra cooling).

What's a regular sheet mask?

Regular Sheet Masks are the most popular types of masks, mainly made of cotton and are soaked in beauty serum.  These types of mask are less expensive and are the ones you have to unfold, align, and massage the excess serum (because you don’t want any drop to go to waste).  Regular sheet masks don’t provide the intense cooling effect as hydrogel masks and usually dries up when all the beauty serum has been absorbed. 


Cleanse the skin and use a hydrating toner before applying a hydrogel mask. Toners helps with fuller absorption of the hydrogel mask.  Remove the mask from the film (if it comes on one) and adhere to the skin. Once the mask is on, the hydrogel locks moisture and releases nourishing serums into the skin (let the magic happen).  Keep the mask on for 15 - 20 minutes and apply your favorite moisturizer to seal in the hydration.

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