What Is Gommage?

No more harsh scrubbing! Let me tell you all about the new, and improved way to exfoliate that many French skin specialists swear by that has been becoming popular in Japan. GOMMAGE!

So, what exactly is gommage you may ask? Well, gommage originates from the French word “to erase” because the rubbing method of exfoliation is similar to erasing a word written in pencil. 

Gommage is a gentle method of exfoliation that combines chemical, and manual exfoliation to rid dead skin and debri from the skin. It uses enzymes that are proteolytic, meaning protein dissolving. The gommage method of exfoliation is extremely favorable for sensitive skin that doesn't react well to other exfoliating methods, because of its ability to maintain the skin’s natural barrier. 

How to use Gommage?

Gommage products usually come in a cream formula that allows you to spread the product thinly all over the face. Then, after a few minutes or when dry to the touch began gently rubbing the product. You should begin feeling the product roll up into little balls all over the skin. Taking all the dead skin and debri with it! Then rinse, and follow up with your normal skin care routine. Continue to use about 1-2 times a week.

It’s an extremely easy and effective method! You’ll never want to go back to those harmful scrubs that can create tiny micro tears in the skin. That’s a no-no!

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