How To Use Bar Soap 101

Bar soaps are probably one of best inventions the world has ever created. As we are all currently passing through this pandemic, it’s best that we keep thriving by practicing safe self care with the essential uses of a bar soap! Soap is awesome in many ways as it keeps up good hygiene as well as safe practicing on a daily basis, BUT do we really know how to use a bar of soap? We will show you a list of tips that could amp your soap game! 


  • Take your time! Scrub down every inch of your body with care! Unless you're on a time crunch, it’s best to fully clean yourself from head to toe! 

  • Don’t waste product, LOOFAH! Grab your personal loofah or washcloth and lather up the bar soap to make EXTRA FOAM. **Use a fresh washcloth EVERYTIME.

  • Buy an UNIVERSAL bar soap! Not all bar soaps are face-wash-friendly. Traditional bar soaps only for the body tend to dry out your skin the more you use it, try a beauty bar soap like CLARIFYING FACIAL CLEANSER: AZUKI & BROWN SUGAR.  
  •  Don’t use bar soaps to wash your privates. That is an all around No-no. 

  • Take cooler showers. Makes a great lather, uses less product, and cooler water has better benefits on your body overall. 

  • Keep it dry! Try not to leave your bar soap in the moist areas of the bathroom. The dryer, the more it will last. 

  • Start from TOP to BOTTOM. Yes, people start from the face down, yet don’t neglect behind your ears, belly buttons, back, and importantly LEGS & FEET! More so for people with foot odor. 

  • Quick Notice: HANDS. HANDS. HANDS. I cannot stress this enough as the rest of the world has already, please wash your hands properly! 
      • Take your time and lather up the bar soap onto your hands to create a foam.
      • Scrub your hands from fingertips, fingernails, palm, to wrist for 20 seconds!
      • Rinse!

    Overall, we want everyone to take their time to practice safe self-care. It’s important that we rise above this and enjoy taking care of ourselves at home with our loved ones! Stay safe and have a great time washing! 

    Have we caught your interest? If you're looking for an universal bar soap definitely check out our Cow Beauty Brand Bar. It’s formulated with milk and the soothing scent of Jasmine. Keeps the skin moist and reduces the looks of fine lines while delivering brightness and clearing of the skin.

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