Price Point. Is It Worth It?

If you’re ever looking to begin a skincare routine or wanting to gain new products for your current one, a sample skincare set is a great choice for you! Yet, there is a catch. You don’t know if it’s worth buying a $60 skincare set from Sephora? Well, don’t settle to pay more to get less! Here are facts on why your next J-beauty skincare box, The Yoku Glow, is definitely worth the money!  

I know what your thinking, $38.95 sounds pretty expensive, especially since it’s a bi-monthly subscription. Other customers would state, I pay $20 for a monthly subscription which adds up to $40 in two months and I’ll get twice the amount of products than this $38.95 bi-monthly. Let us get to the factual details. Yes, you indeed get twice the amount of product, but those products are chosen by random and aren’t items you’ll need most of the time. The Yoku Glow lets you know what’s inside of your box beforehand so there aren’t any unwanted surprises. Another fact, you get a whole month to save up money before the next The Yoku Glow box is released! Having $20 swiped out of your bank account EVERY month may be difficult for others, and we want our glowers to really feel that the products are really working and worth their time and money. 

For one thing, most skincare sets sold in Sephora or Ulta that cost under $60 DON’T even supply you with a FULL skincare routine nor enough product to last you the month. You may pay for the $80 luxurious sample set, but The Yoku Glow offers you Japanese skincare products with the same and great benefits at an affordable price!

In addition, The Yoku Glow prefers the quality or quantity method. In our Why You Should Try J-Beauty blog, (Click Here to Read), it is mentioned that Japan has a very strict regulation on ingredients used in cosmetics and skin care products. Japanese beauty and skin care products are produced thoroughly, so that consumers will not stress about the harsh chemicals being applied onto their face and skin, unlike most American manufacturers. The Japanese skincare and cosmetic production is well analyzed and researched to make the perfect products to suit everyone! In other beauty boxes, you may have many cleansers to choose from, but how about a cleanser that works? We always want the best results for our glowers’ skin! 

Also, we know the struggle of finding authentic Japanese beauty/skincare in the USA! Items from Japan brought to North America are priced 80% more than its original cost! I personally went all the way to my nearest Asian market to see that they sold my Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam for $16.99! Yet, it doesn’t stop there! I also took the time to search for the Senka Whip in Little Tokyo, when I vacationed in Toronto, to find out that it retails for $27.99! That’s the cost of 78% of our box itself! With The Yoku Glow, you get the Senka whip, plus seven other worthy Japanese items for $8-$9 more! That’s a steal for Japanese beauty products in the US!

Whether the box will cost $38.95 or $20, it’s the J-Beauty quality we want all of our fellow glowers to embrace. If you are now interested in the world of J-Beauty and affordable skincare sets, The Yoku Glow could make your wishes come true!

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