Why You Should Try J-Beauty?

Why You Should Try J-Beauty?

I’m sure you’ve read or heard the saying ‘J-beauty is the new Beauty'. That’s a misconception, there’s nothing new about J-beauty as it's been around for a long long time. Japanese beauty has been around for centuries, it's just new to the rest of the world. 

After testing numerous Japanese skin care products from the must-have to indie products, we certainly agree that Japanese products are suitable for all.  J-beauty products are formulated with traditional and natural ingredients, such as rice, green tea, and cherry blossom, that has been passed down from generations to generations to give your skin all the nutrition it needs. Japanese beauty products go hand in hand with their skin care philosophy, inside out results, with a focus on prevention rather than correction (the real secret behind healthy, glowing skin). 

Still not convinced? 

Japan has a very strict regulation on ingredients used in cosmetics and skin care products.  Products that claim to solve a skin care concern are closely monitored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, unlike the US, the FDA is not required to check if the ingredients are 100% pure.  With that said, a product in Japan will never be launched without a 100% certainty on its quality, benefits, and efficacy. (That is the reason why it takes so long for Japanese brands to launch a new product.) Their products are thoroughly researched and backed by science and technology, so only when the product delivers on its promise, is it released into the world. 

What does this mean?

You can rest assured that when you buy a J-beauty product, it will be packed with all the goodies your skin needs, whether it’s a $5 cleanser or $200 serum.  It’s better value overall. 

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