pH and Cleansers

When it comes to facial cleansers, there's lots of talk about pH and its effect on the skin.  Many are quick to toss out their favorite daily cleanser when they find out that the pH is high, but before you do read on.  

The Senka Perfect Whip Foaming Cleanser is one of the highest rated skincare products in the JBeauty market! It’s known to gently cleanse the impurities for smooth and hydrated skin! But the concern of this ‘amazing’ product is...the pH level is too high! NOT A PROBLEM! Let's breakdown pH. 

pH or potential hydrogen has a unit of measurement from 0-14 indicating whether the product solution is acidic (0-6), neutral (7), or alkaline (8-14). Healthy skin has an acid balance which is in the acid range of 4.5 to 5.5. Examples for better understanding, when the skin is too acidic it can be extra oily and acne prone. If it’s too alkaline it tends to be super dry and look extra dull. Got it? Great! 

As said before, many fans of the Senka Perfect Whip are worried that this cleanser is on the higher end of the pH scale. Well first off, keep in mind that your skin shouldn’t feel extra tight or always squeaky clean to the max. Most Normal skin types should use cleansers that have some alkalinity to break down the dirt and impurities that have been sitting on the skin all day. So, it’s advisable to follow through with your cleanser’s best friend: Lotion (Japanese) aka Toner (Western)! A pH balancing lotion/toner will help restore the skin to its natural pH range! This will help the acid mantle to function at it’s best which aids in protecting the skin from substances that disturb the health of our glorious skin! 

Just note that after you cleanse, always give love to your skin with lotion/toner! 

pH fanatic?! Check out some of our favorite Japanese lotion/toners below! You won’t ever forget to tone again!

Japanese Toner
The most beloved toner in Japan for its effectiveness in hydrating and conditioning of the skin, as well as affordability. 

Momo Puri Japanese Toner
A hydrating lightweight toner with a sweet peach fragrance that works to enhance your natural skin barrier.

And check out more LOTION/TONERS at The Yoku Glow! 


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