Behind The Curation - June Summer Essentials Kit

Summer is all about less is more, less time indoors means more adventures.  From beach hangouts to concerts, time is so precious so spend it on doing things that makes you happy with your favorite people and pets.  Although this summer may not turn out as you have expected with canceled travel or concert plans, there’s still so much to see just in your own neighborhood. 

When it comes to summer in Japan, one of our favorite spots for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle and to escape the hot and humid Tokyo weather, is to a beach called Yurikehama in Kagoshima Prefecture. 

If you haven’t been there, it’s a must go.  It's such a magical place where you’re surrounded by white star-shaped sand on a floating beach that appears one hour before and after low tide.  It has been said that if you hold some sand in your hands, you may be able to spot the star shaped grains called “Hoshisuna” and if you happen to pick up the number of grains that correspond to your age, you will find happiness!  Magical, isn’t it?


With your beach towel, SPF, and swimsuit, comes summer essential skin care items for on the go needs.  Our Summer Essential June Kit is just that, filled with items that you can take with you to the beach, on a weekend trip, or to be used when you simply want to have a lazy day without neglecting your skin. 

What to expect in the June Summer Essential J-Beauty Discovery Kit

An array of quick, fun, and effective skin care and lifestyle products that can be easily added to any weekend bag (or in your pocket).  These products are multifunctional, so even when you're doing less skincare, you'll still have that glow all summer long. The bonus, they all come inside an eco-friendly reusable cloth bag! Stay tune for the full release of products in our June Kit. 

Ready to discover Japanese beauty summer essential products? 




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