Meet Yojiya, Japan's Best Blotting Paper

Our trip to Kyoto last fall was absolutley incredible. It was filled with exploring famous landmarks, beautiful scenery, and of course, chowing down on all of the delectable goods this city has to offer.

One of our most treasured memories was stumbling upon a store in the Gion District called Yojiya. Entering the store, we were greeted by staff members who diligently educated us on the store’s best selling products. We were drawn to the minimalism, quality, and how this brand perfected the balance of tradition and innovation with their skincare products. After learning and using Yojiya’s famous blotting paper and facial paper soap, we instantly fell in love and knew we wanted to share these products with our friends and family back home. When you go to Kyoto, you’ll see Yojiya stores dispersed throughout the city, however their beginning dates back a century ago during the time where entertainment from Geisha’s and Maikos was prevalent. 


Yojiya started off as a cart selling stage makeup to the entertainers in Kyoto in the early 1900s. The company's inspiration comes from the demand of locals.  At one point, they even sold dental hygiene products. Yojiya quickly gained it’s popularity after producing their aburatorigami (blotting paper) and slowly became a renown brand throughout Japan. Despite the country’s change of becoming more and more technologically advanced, “Yojiya has been unwavering in its commitment to authenticity and the aesthetic ideals of Kyoto — ideals that we have upheld for over 100 years.” 

Check out the Yojiya’s full history HERE!

What is Aburatorigami?

Aburatorigami is a geisha’s beauty secret in keeping their skin and makeup looking fresh throughout the day. This beauty tool collects excess sebum on your face without smearing any make up. You can see why it became such a popular beauty tool amongst geishas and entertainers in Kyoto after their performances. Aburatorigami is made from the abaca leaf and was essentially used as a by-product for a gold making process. It’s also environmentally friendly and is the perfect way to keep you skin and makeup on point during these upcoming summer months. 

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Our inspiration for The Yoku Glow is deeply rooted through our travel experiences. As we explore new cities and towns, we take a piece of our experiences back home. Whether it is something small like a skin care product bought as a souvenir and now we can no longer live without, or big, like a cultural philosophy we learned and have incorporated into our lives. We wanted to share our experiences with you, by bringing you a piece of japan.

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