7 Tips For Summer Skin

Summer is where the drinks get colder, water gets warmer, music gets louder, and nights get longer.  It’s also where less is more - less clothes, less time indoors, and a lighter skincare routine.  So, as you are bringing out the swimsuits and sandals, here’s how your skin is changing and 7 tips to keep you glowing all summer long.

Tip #1 Double Cleanse

Summer skin can be really confusing. Your pores become more noticeable, you produce much more oil, and your skin can get dry.  It’s no secret that your skin barrier is affected by weather and these are just some of the changes from warm to hot (and humid or dry depending on where you live).  Therefore, a double cleanse can help control oil, minimize pores, and remove makeup and along with all the sweat, dirt, pollution you’ve collected from the day.  

A double cleanse is a two-step process of deep, yet gentle cleansing of the skin and should be a part of your night routine.  It starts off with an oil-based cleanser to lift and remove oil-based products (like attracts like).  It’s then followed by a water-based cleanser, usually in the form of a foaming cleanser to attract water soluble ingredients and wash off whatever is left behind from the first step.  The foam acts as a cushion to protect your skin from harsh rubbing as you cleanse your skin. 

Tip #2 Take Sun Care Seriously

Whether you’re going on vacation or just going about your day, sun protection is key during the summer (and the rest of the year as well!). Spending time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer, dark spots, blemishes, and early skin aging as too much sun exposure causes more melanin to be produced.

When it comes to sunscreens, Japanese sunscreens are on another level.  These innovative SPFs protect you from both UVA and UVB, unlike most western sunscreens (which usually never display UVA protection rating).  They also have beautifying ingredients to moisturize and prime your skin.  There are so many variations of Japanese sunscreens when it comes to texture, smell, performance, and so on - from matte to glowing finishes and from sprays to gels and everything in between.  In addition, Japanese sunscreens will never leave a white cast and they make for an awesome makeup primer. 

What’s the best sunscreen for your skin type?  For oily skin, gel-based sunscreen is preferred, while combination and dry skin should use a milky- or cream-based sunscreen. 

Tip # 3 Less Is More - switch to multi-purpose skincare product 

Japanese skincare ritual is all about less is more. During the summer, this is even more important — especially when you have to balance work, vacations, family time, and your own me time.  One thing we love about Japanese skincare products is that they often serve multiple purposes.  For cleansers, switch to one that clean and exfoliate, like Fancl Powder Cleanser or Suasi Beauty Powder Wash.  For hydration, try an all-in-one toner that tones and moisturize, such as Hakumai Ferment Milk (an emulsion that hydrates, protects, brightens, and firms the skin) or use a mask that serves the purpose of toning and moisturizing, like Mowshiro White Sheet Mask.  For the mornings when you want to stay in bed longer or skincare in bed, opt for Saborino’s morning mask or Botanical Esthe 7 in 1 mask that cleanse, tone, moisturize, and preps the skin for makeup in one minute! (Have you tried skin-caring in bed?)

Tip #4: Go Lighter on Moisturizer and Switch to a Hydrating Toner

 It’s a myth that your skin can’t get dry in the summer. When you live in an environment that is hot and dry mixed with blasting AC all day, your skin will get dry.  If you live in a place that is hot and humid, your skin can get oilier.  In either environment, during the summer months your skin produces more of its own natural oil which helps your skin barrier stay healthy, so opt for a higher hydrating toner or facial oil versus a heavy cream.  Facial oils are lighter than heavy creams and a few drops goes a long way to give you that lit from within glow and if your skin needs more, use a mineral facial spray throughout the day to hydrate and cool off.

When it comes to moisturizers, we noticed that water-based moisturizers worked best for normal skin types, gel-based moisturizers worked best for oily and combination skin types, and for extra oily and acne prone skin, sticking to facial sprays with minerals worked best. 

Tip 5: Use Blotting Paper

Sweating is normal and it’s actually good for your skin, but in some cases it can cause skin issues.  For us, it’s overly shiny T-zone.  This doesn’t only happen under the sun, sometimes at crowded dinner parties or when working out, so our answer, blotting papers! Blotting papers are portable and easy to use.  Tear a sheet off and gently press and lift, to help control excess oil, keeping the face clean of dust and sweat, which helps minimize breakouts. 

Tip 6: Up Your Water Intake

Staying hydrated is important all year long, and especially in the summer when you lose water as you sweat more.  Also, if you are well-hydrated, your sweat will have a higher water content. This can help to prevent possible skin irritation and rashes, and it will also ensure that your sweat has the proper amount of minerals, acids, and proteins to help balance your skin’s pH factor.  Use a reusable water bottle and a purifying water system like Brita to help reduce plastic waste.

Tip 7: Don't Forget The Other Parts Of Your Skin

When we hear the word skincare, we often think of just our face, but we know our skin extends beyond the neck.  Summer can be harsh for your hands, lips, and feet.  We’re in and out of hot and cold environments, which can be very drying.  To keep your body hydrated, jump in a moisturizing Sake bath or Yuzu Bath. To keep your lips smooth, add a lip balm.  For drink holding ready hands and sandal ready feet, apply a hydrating lotion.  We’re also more active during the summer months and constantly on our feet, so at the end of the day we like to pamper our feet with Kyusoku Jikan Cooling Foot Gel Pad. It cools the body with the vaporization of water and is infused with aromatic oil fragrances to relax the senses while stimulating the acupuncture points on your soles for a fresh you in the morning.  

We’d love to hear what your summer tips for glowing skin are, connect with us on social media. 

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