Timeless Ingredients Series: Job’s Tears Extract Feat. Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel

Winter season is here and sadly, dry skin is coming our way! So, what’s a great product that could help our dry, and crusty-looking skin? Moisturizer! On this week’s Timeless Ingredients Series, The Yoku Glow’s December Box moisturizer, The Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel and it’s most important ingredient, Job’s Tears extract! We will be discussing about the great skin benefits your skin could have while using this hydrating product!

The Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel is an all-purpose moisturizer for the face and body. The product is infused with Job’s Tears extract to keep in all the moisture! It’s super lightweight which makes it easier to absorb into the skin and it comes in a gel form, yet is not greasy whatsoever! Which makes this moisturizer suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES! 

What exactly are Job’s Tears? Job’s Tears are seeds growing from a grass called pearl barley, also known as hatomugi in Japanese. This is an ingredient that is popular amongst Asian skincare products and Chinese/Taiwainese medicine skincare! 

Job’s Tears: Job’s Tears extract / Pearl Barley (Hato Mugi)

  • Job’s tears is a native in East Asia, and can be found all over Japan, China, and other Eastern countries. 

  • Believed to be domesticated from the Philippines 

  • Claims to help with external damage on the skin:
    • Moisturizes dry skin 
    • Brightens hyperpigmentation 
    • Lessens sebum production
    • Has soothing agents

  • Zinc is present in Job’s Tears
    • Helps heal and repair skin damage

  • Selenium helps keep skin’s elasticity 
    • Keeps the skin toned
    • Prevents free radical damage 

  •  Azelaic acid is also found 
    • This  works as an anti-inflammatory agent 
    • Controls acne breakouts 
    • Treats clogged pores 

  • Hato Mugi water benefits the skin as well.
    • Has anti-aging properties 
    • Packed with Vitamin C 
      • Great for toning and enhancing brightened skin and evening out complexion (hyperpigmentation). 
    • Protects skin from free radicals 

In short, this all-purpose moisturizer, Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel, is a great way to save on extra face/body lotions and it’s ideal for all seasons! Job’s Tears extract has many skin and health benefits that anyone who’s knowledgeable about this extraordinary ingredient will definitely NOT miss out on this Japanese moisturizer! That’s all for this week’s Timeless Ingredients Series, until the FINAL feature next week! Stay tuned, Glowers! 

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