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December and January are one of our most favorite months of the year!  It’s the season of gift giving and opening. It’s overeating and “I’ll start my diet next year.” It's about soaking in a hot bath with a glass of your favorite wine and scented candle kind of weather.  

As the year comes to an end and a new year begins, it’s only right we make our December box a very special one for you.  Travel with us to Japan through our “Take Me To Kyoto” themed box and discover the power of these timeless ingredients from Japan that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and purified all winter long. 

Kyoto is one of our favorite cities in Japan because of its rich culture and tranquil lifestyle.  When you have more me-time, you’re able to be present and appreciate all that is within, and around you. The fastest way to Kyoto is taking the Shinkasen (bullet train) and when you step out of the station, you have just stepped back in time.

The Yoku Glow December box is just that, where old meets new - timeless ingredients and beauty recipes that dates back centuries ago and have been professionally developed and tested for our modern world to provide your skin with the utmost care.

What to expect in the box:

In the Yoku Glow December box, you will find timeless natural ingredients such as rice, green tea, silk protein, cherry blossom and gold that provides high moisture for the cold, dry winter season.  You will also experience traditional geisha’s beauty ritual, such as gentle exfoliation with rice bran and enzyme to wash away dead skin for smooth, glowing skin.  Here's what will be in the box:

  • Cleanser - Makanai Rice Bran Moisturizing Wash (1 bag)
  • Exfoliator - Suisai Beauty Powder Cleanser (Sample - 8 pieces)
  • Toner - Momo Puri Lotion (Full size)
  • Moisturizer - Naturie Hatomugi Conditioning Gel (Full Size)
  • Face Mask - Mitomo Gold & Cherry Blossom (1 mask)
  • Tool - Unicharm - Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton (40 sheets)

Start Your J-Beauty Journey with us and explore Japanese Beauty in a box!

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