Japanese Lotion Mask and why you need to try it!

Do you have flaky dry patches on your skin, especially around your t-zone?  Hate it when your makeup looks like it’s falling apart? What’s causing these dry patches?  It’s a combination of things from environmental changes to diet and what you apply on your skin.  It’s also a sign that your skin may need more hydration, but before you slap on more moisturizer, try a Japanese Lotion Mask.

What’s a Japanese Lotion?

In Japan, caring for your skin is all about cleansing, hydrating and protecting.  Many J-beauty products from cleansers to sunscreens have moisturizing ingredients in them since hydration is a large contributor to the skin looking more youthful and functioning properly.  Toners are called lotions in Japan and they are different from Western toners in that they are lightweight and clear with an almost watery texture, which I like to call them liquid moisturizer.  In contrast, Western toners often strip your skin of moisture and are part of the cleansing process.  A Japanese toner is essential for restoring the pH balance, prepping the skin for optimal absorption for the next product, add in hydration and treat skin concerns. 

What’s a Japanese Lotion Mask?

The Japanese Lotion Mask method allows the skin to absorb nutrients more actively and deeply and can be use in specific areas or all over the face like a sheet mask. The theory behind this method is that, if you spray water on a piece of paper, the water will remain on the surface, gradually evaporating and shrinking the paper. But if you put a damp towel on the sheet and leave it for a while, the paper will gradually absorb water and become wet.  In terms of efficiency, after using the Japanese Lotion Mask method, the skin’s complexion will be comparable to the effect you get after the best face cream or deep sleeping mask.

The mask can be done in numerous ways, some use water and toner and some add an optional extra step by sealing everything with a layer of cling wrap or wearing a shower cap over the face (if you decide to do this step don’t forget to make holes for your nose to breathe!) to further enhance the penetration of the lotion face mask.  The cling wrap acts like a sauna to trap in heat and enhance absorption. Today, we’re focus on treating dry spots with a cotton pad and a hydrating Japanese toner. 

What you will need:

Japanese Lotion Mask


Step 1: Start with a clean face (after cleansing).

Step 2: Pour your toner into the cotton pad and allow it to soak thoroughly. (*You can also rub the cotton pad together to get the whole pad wet.)

Japanese Lotion

Step 3: Apply the soaked cotton pad on to your face (where needed or all over) and leave on for 3-5 minutes while you complete other tasks.  (If there's still lots of beauty liquid in the cotton pad, go ahead and reuse it in a different area that needs a bit of hydration.)

Japanese toners

That's all it takes to treat any dry spots on the face.  You can repeat this on a daily basis or when needed, it can be done in the morning or at night, whatever your preference is.  This Japanese lotion mask has worked wonderfully for us and we hope it will for you too, share your thoughts! 



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