February Box - Drunk In Love

February is all about love, love for your SOS, love for your family and friends, and most importantly, love for yourself!  There’s really no better way to celebrate this February than to get Drunk in Love with yourself.  Come with us and follow the neon lights of the modern metropolis, Shinjuku, for a taste of sake your skin will thank you for. 

We all know that alcohol is bad for the skin, but sake is the exception to the rule. Sake is synonymous with Japanese history and is at the heart of nearly every gathering.  It’s also no secret that sake makers have the softest and clearest hands, making sake one of Japan’s most-treasured skin secrets for treating dullness, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation. 

One of our favorite areas in Tokyo to cheer the night with a warm cup of sake is tucked away in a dark corner of Shinjuku, the Golden Gia.  It’s made up of six tiny alleys lined by over two hundred small unique bars.  The buildings are ramshackle and the alleys are dimly lit, all the while creating this perfectly imperfect (Wabi-sabi) aesthetic that embodies true beauty.  It’s authenticity is what attracts the heart of everyone. Just like the Golden Gai and throughout Japan, we too can practice the philosophy of wabi-sabi.     

Embracing wabi-sabi is as easy (or as difficult) as understanding and accepting yourself — imperfections and all. It’s about being compassionate with yourself as you are and building on whatever that is — not feverishly trying to rebuild yourself in order to pose as something else entirely.” - Mike Sturm

What to expect in the box:

In the Yoku Glow February box, you will find one of J-beauty’s most-treasured natural ingredient, Sake, while exploring the Golden Gai in Shinjuku.  Let this box take you on your own wabi-sabi journey for a glow that’s beyond perfection. Cheers! #Sakeglow   


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