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Moisturize, condition, and strengthen your skin, hair, and nail with Chidoriya Original Pure Camellia Oil.  

This oil is so special in that it's freshly hand-pressed without heat by the traditional TAMAJIME technique, in Japan to keep all of its beautifying properties.  This process makes it 2.5 times more hydrating than heat-refined camellia oil. (*The actual experimental data on hydration power at Hokkaido College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics Laboratory)

It can be used in replacement of a moisturizer and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.  It can also be used for hair care to treat damaged hair and on the body to add moisture to dry spots. 


Use as a moisturizer by appling to freshly cleansed skin, morning and evening.

For Haircare:

(treatment for dehydrated and damaged hair):
Massage camellia oil into scalp and ends of damaged hair, rinse camellia oil, and shampoo 

AFTER SHAMPOO (essentially for hair): 
Apply oil to ends of hair and dry patches of the scalp to deep condition. 

How to use it on dry hair? Apply 1 – 2 drops to the palm, rub palms together, apply to the ends of your hair, and work your way up using your fingers as a comb. It makes your hair super silky and lustrous! This oil application is good for the hair before heat styling to add shine. And/or after styling for increased style and contrast. 

Camellia Oil is also a fantastic carrier oil. Enjoy adding your favorite essential oils for massage or fragrance. We offer a beautiful aroma blend oil called TENNYOKOH - it smells like heaven! 
If you like something woody like cedar… please try our Hinoki Oil. 

Many acupressure points behind and around the ear are excellent for relaxing, detoxing, healing, and can even help you lose weight! So please do some ear acupressure massage using our camellia oil. 

Organic Rosehip seed oil is excellent for extremely damaged hair, and you can also add a few drops in camellia oil.  


Raw 100% Camellia Japonica Seed Oil (Food-grade)

Made in Japan