The Yoku Glow

Minon Amino Moist Travel Set


A Japanese routine for those with sensitive and/or dry skin that is easily affected by seasonal change.  

Minon Amino Moist delivers shine and moisture to the skin while strengthening the skin’s natural barrier.  How? The formula is focused on amino acids to achieve moisturized, smooth-textured, resilient and radiant skin, it’s beauty formula meets gentleness. 

What’s in the set:

Moist Milly Cleanser (makeup remover) 

Cream type cleanser that throughly removes stubborn make-up and dirt, from pores in the skin and rinses off quick and easy.

Gentle Wash Whip (Foam type cleanser)

The moisturizing cleansing foam will protect the delicate skin and its barrier function while cleaning skin.

Moist Charge Lotion II (extra-moisture - toner) 

A creamy texture on your skin that seeps in to give you rich moisture.

Minon Amino Moist Mask 

A bounce gel beauty lotion infused soft and close-fitting sheet that clings to your skin that does not drip.  Makes fine wrinkles caused by dryness less noticeable (tested and evaluated for its effectiveness) while supporting the skin’s barrier function.