The Yoku Glow

Hot Eye Care Mask White Musk


Need a reason to relax and enjoy yourself? Well this warming eye mask will do just that (trust me, your eyes will thank you)! With a lovely scent and open eye holes, this mask not only looks cute but is functional, you can enjoy a relaxing read, sip wine, or bath!  

Operating temperature approx. 40 degrees Celsius, heating time approx. 15 min.

A warm eye mask recommended after using your eyes a lot on your phone, PC, or remote work. Ideal design derived from the structure of the eye area by ophthalmologists who have studied it for many years.

How to use:

Open the packet, pull out the eye mask and apply to face.


1 warming eye masks per box

About the brand:

HONYARADOH is a Japanese lifestyle brand committed to soothing the body and soul through comfort products. The brand is most famous for hugging pillows in the form of its original characters Namaketaro and Oyasumi Sheep. HONYARADOH’s beauty bestsellers include the Hot Eye Mask featuring different animal motifs and fragrances. The steam eye mask is designed with eye holes to relax tired eyes without obstructing vision.