The Yoku Glow

Foaming Net For Face Wash

$2.50 $3

Transforms your cleanser into a Voluminous Foam for a gentler wash.

A Japanese personal care tool for face washing that will transform your gel, cream, or bar soap into a voluminous foam.  Why create a foam with your cleanser?  Foam acts as a cushion to minimize damages to your skin caused by harsh rubbing and minimize the stripping of moisture from the skin.  The bonus is that they also stretch your cleanser so you can use less of it more effectively!

Other Names for Foaming Nets: “beating nets” or “washing nets”, “bubble nets”, “washing milk frothing nets” and “cleansing nets”


Adding a pea size amount of cleanser or a beauty soap bar into the net, rub it with some water so it can lather up to create a large foam.