Foaming Mesh

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Stretch your cleanser so you can use less more effectively!

A foaming mesh that will transform any Foaming Cleanser from gel, cream or bar into a voluminous lather.  This daily personal care appliance for face washing produces a generous amounts of lather from just a small amount of product.

  • Foaming Mesh is a cult favorite skincare tool in Japan that lets you create handfuls of rich, creamy lather with just a squeeze. It’s not a scrubber—instead, you place a small amount of facial cleanser or your beauty bar into the bag, rub under water, and squeeze out excess moisture. What you’re left with is a handful of voluminous lather.


Wet DHC Foaming Mesh with water, add soap bar or cleanser to the mesh and rub each end with both hands to create lather. Hold the ring with one hand and squeeze out the lather.


Hygienic polyethylene net with attached plastic ring.


What originally began in 1972 as an educational translation company in Japan, DHC (standing for Daigaku Honyaku Center) made its foray into skincare when a visionary Japanese entrepreneur had the idea to create superior skincare products utilizing organic olives. For over 40 years, DHC has fused the latest science with traditional botanicals in a quest to revolutionize modern skincare.  DHC wholeheartedly embrace the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi that teaches there is beauty in imperfection.