Making your favorite cleanser go a bit further with Fancl Washing Puff Heart!

Use this pretty pink skincare accessory to pamper your skin and give yourself a deep cleanse without damaging your skin.  Fancl Facial Washing Puff is made of super-fine fibers making it so soft and gentle on the skin.  It works to making your favorite cleanser go a little bit further while removing dry and dead skin cells, revealing a radiant complexion.

This facial washing puff gently massages, exfoliates, and clean the skin around your nose and chin, where oil and impurities tend to build up to reach those hard to clean areas. You can wet the scrub and add a bit of cleanser or add a layer of your cleanser onto your skin and scrub away. Fancl Washing Puff Heart is a miracle worker to enhance skin metabolism and prevent dullness.


  • Moisten the Washing Puff with warm water, pour a quarter size of your favorite cleanser and scrub away. 
  • Rinse with water and hang to dry. (Replace Washing Puff every 2 months) 


Fancl was founded in 1982 as a preservative-free skin care by a husband for his wife, who suffered serious skin problems caused by the harsh ingredients in the beauty products she was using.  FANCL is committed to bringing you fresh, powerful, preservative-free skin care of the highest quality starting with their innovated touch-free caps are specially designed to keep out bacteria with each bottle containing enough for a thirty-day supply so that the products stay fresh through to the finish.