KAO MegRhythm

Warming Eye Mask


The Must Have Stress Reliever For Your Eyes. 

KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask is an innovative self-warming eye mask with steam heat technology that relieves and relaxes your hardworking eyes. It's blended with natural essential oils for added comfort to recharge and refresh you and your eyes! It's available in Lavender, Rose, Yuzu (Citrus), or Sakura (Cherry Blossom) scent and is suitable for both males and females.

  • Gentle warms your eyes to relieve stress, alleviate strained eyes.
  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles. 
  • Promotes relaxation to aid in a good night’s sleep.
  • Generates a comfortable 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Suitable for use before sleeping, while traveling or when you need a break during work.


  • Remove eye mask from pouch
  • Tear along perforation to release ear straps
  • Place white-colored side of mask on eyes with notched edge facing down
  • Place ear straps around ears
  • Relax for 10 mins

How Does The It Work: The steam Eye Mask is lined with a heat-generating pad containing iron powder and moisture. Once the packet is opened, the heat-generating pad comes into contact with oxygen in the air and oxidizes the iron powder to produce heat. 


1 pc

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