Ghassoul Tablet Clay Mask

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The Most Versatile, Organic and Natural Clay Mask for face and hair!

Looking for a wash off clay mask that will clean and moisturize your skin and hair? Naiad Ghassoul Clay Mask has you cover and the best part is that it's versatileNaiad Ghassoul Tablet Clay Mask is made by dissolving the gemstone, filtering and drying by sunlight and wind, carefully sourced from Morocco.  The adsorbing power of clay removes dirt from the skin while the minerals cleanses and moisturizes your face, hair and body. 


First, turn the ghassoul tablets into a paste by:

  • Put appropriate amount of ghassoul tablets into a small bowl.
  • Add twice amount of water onto the tablets.
  • Wait for 3 minutes. The tablet will absorb the water and bulge. 
  • Paste should be soft to the touch. 

Use as a wash off face mask:

Amount: 10-15 grams (7 tablets or 1 tablespoon of powder)
Frequency: once or twice a week

**Ghassoul removes dirt by adsorption, so please do not scrub strongly to prevent skin injury.

  • Apply the good amount of paste on the face or hair and leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse (mask does not have to be completely dry or harden before washing off)

Use as a facial cleanser or shaving cream:

Amount: 5 grams (2 thumbnail-size tablets or 1 teaspoon of powder)

  • Lightly wet the face.
  • Apply the ghassoul paste and gently massage.
  • Wash the paste out before it dries.

Use as a hair mask wash off:

Amount:Short hair:12grams (6 tablets or 1 tablespoon of powder)
Long hair: 24 grams (12 tablets or 2 tablespoon of powder)

  • Wet hair throughly
  • Put the loosely-made paste on the hair and scalp, and message gently.
  • Rinse off when done. 


No Preservatives, Organic, Natural, Cruelty Free, Vegan 


Moroccan lava clay


150 g


Naiad's products are made based on manufacturing methods that are good (friendly) for users, manufacturers and the environment.  Naiad provides 2 types of ghassoul -- tablet and powder type. The tablet type is traditionally used in Morocco. It has soft touch. The powder type is smashed powder from the tablet type. It has smooth touch and recommended to sensitive skin. It is also compatible for making your own cosmetic.

2006 @cosme Grand Prize Hall of Fame
2005 @cosme Best Cosmetics Award Pack Others 2nd
2004 2004 @cosme Best Cosmetics Award Pack Others 2nd
2003 @cosme Best Cosmetics Award Skin Care Others 1st