The Magic of Powder Cleansers

A new way to cleanse your skin without preservatives while saving water: Powder Cleansers!

Cleansers are probably everyone’s first skin care necessity. One of the great features about Japanese cleansers is that they come in many formulations such as foam, liquid, and gel. The Yoku Glow is here to put you on a different path of formulations: enzyme powder cleansers! Japan and Korea have been familiar with using powder formulated cleansers that activate with a few drops of water in their skincare for ages and hopefully we’ll get to convert you as well!

Powder cleansers are anhydrous formulas—a.k.a. formulas without water or those that can be diluted with water during use - begin as a dry and fine-chalky powder. You mix the powder with a little water and it then creates a creamy lather with light foam. What’s amazing about powder cleansers is that they have exfoliating properties as well and all you have to do is add less water. It’s texture can act as a gentle exfoliator and is perfect for all skin types, even for sensitive/rosacea skin.

Also, powder cleansers contain less or no preservatives at all which are a big plus to those highly reactive to preservatives in their products. This cleanser is a dry formula, so there are less chances for mold and bacteria to grow and all active ingredients remain potent and stable for longer. It’s a cleanser that’s bound to last longer because of it’s amazing dry feature. Did I mention it’s TSA Travel-Friendly? No liquid, no worries! 

Need another reason why to try water activated powder cleansers? These water activated powder cleanser are a great way to make your beauty routine a bit more sustainable.  If you've ever read the label of your beauty products, majority of the time water is the first ingredient meaning it's the most prevalent ingredient and we all know water is a valuable natural resource and water shortage is a real crisis. Water-less beauty is about supporting a more environmentally conscious future.  Are you in?

Ultimately, it’s definitely a product that needs more shine in the light, but the moment you’ll use it, let’s just say you’re never going back! Give this powder cleanser a go as it’s great for all skin types, more potent, and long lasting! Check out some of The Yoku Glow’s favorite powdered cleansers below:

SUISAI Beauty Clear Powder Facial Wash 

An enzyme cleansing powder and exfoliator that thoroughly removes dirt, rough blackheads, and old skin cells trapped in pores which leaves your skin clean and smooth. 

MAKANAI Rice-Bran Moisturizing Wash (Green Tea) 

A natural beauty cleanser made of simple food-based ingredients, rice bran and green tea, to deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate dead skin cells while its moisture-rich properties leave your skin clear, smooth and supple.

Facial Washing Powder by Fancl 

Fancl Powder Cleanser

It's an innovative cleansing powder that turns into a rich, dense foam with just a few drops of water. Formulated with Agar and Rice Starch to gently lift off dirt and impurities while diminishing clogged pores without irritating the skin. It also preps the skin for maximum absorption of treatments, serums and moisturizers that follow after cleansing. It's also preservative free!.

Grab a powder cleanser today and see for yourself the magic! 

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