The Inspiration Behind Our April Kawaii Box

If it’s one thing that Japan is known for, it would be the Kawaii Culture.  The vibrant streets of Harajuku are filled with zakkaya-san (variety goods stores), where you’ll find Kawaii figurines, irresistible animal plushies, and uniquely themed cafes. 

Kawaii originated in the 1970s through a style of writing known as marui-ji (round writing) from young teenage girls. The “cute” style of writing caught on and transformed into emojis which later became popular for media purposes. Another large influence of Kawaii culture was the launch of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, which trickled other companies to create cute, animated characters such as Pokemon and Totaro.

The modern day meaning of Kawaii translates to “cute and adorable” and it takes on many forms - clothes, accessories, makeup, food, and skin care- on Takeshita Dori. The Kawaii Culture paved the way in making this neighborhood an iconic destination hub for emerging fashion trends and style you can’t find anywhere else. 

However, the meaning of kawaii goes far beyond what you can see - it’s not just about being or looking cute, but also an expression of authenticity from the inside out.  It’s being bold and challenging the status quo, to be your best self.  

This was what inspired us to curate our April Kawaii Box. So let’s hop on over to Shibuya and discover what Kawaii is all about through skin care!

What to expect in the box?

An array of cute skin care products ranging from Hello Kitty scrubs and to eye masks that will add an extra pizazz to your skin care routine! Let’s get cute together! [GET YOUR BOX TODAY!]


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