6 Ways to Add Japan’s Yuzu Fruit to Your Beauty Routine

Yuzu, Japan's magical citrus fruit that you need to try ASAP!

With its refreshing fragrance and high concentration of vitamin C, Japan’s famous citrus fruit is the must have ingredient in both scents and skincare.  Here’s 6 different ways you can add Yuzu to your beauty routine:

Yuzu Bath

In Japan, a hot Yuzu bath is usually taken on winter solstice day. It’s believed to ward off winter colds, improve blood circulation, and nourish the skin. The pleasant aroma from the Yuzu fruit, Nomilin, gives off a relaxing effect while improve the body circulation.  Want to experience a Yuzu Onsen at home? Try Charley Yuzu Bath Set, your body and mind won’t regret it!

Yuzu Bath Set The Yoku Glow

Yuzu Hand & Body Cream

Yuzu is known to be very hydrating without the heavy, sticky feeling.  Daily Aroma YUZU Hand Cream carefully sources its Yuzu from Kochi Prefecture and it's sure to instantly moisturize the hand and body.  It blends like magic to quickly absorb into the skin to nourish and soften any dry spots.  

Japan Yuzu Hand Cream


Yuzu Lip Cream

Hate it when your lips get chapped? Yuzu to the rescue! This Japanese Lip Cream by Daily Aroma is sure to cure any dry lips with the power to Yuzu.  Its refreshing yuzu flavor is perfect for summer.  It's also blended with rice bran oil, olive oil, shea butter, and beeswax to keep your lip plump and smooth all day long.   

Yuzu Lip Balm


Yuzu Warming Eye Mask

This popular Japanese citrus fruit, Yuzu, has been used to promote mind and body health in Japan for centuries.  Recent studies have concluded that within 10 minutes of inhaling the scent of Yuzu, it alleviated negative emotional stress and contributed to relaxing the mind and body.  It's no surprise this Yuzu warming eye mask from KAO MegRhythm will aid your beauty rest or calm your mind from stress, work and travel.  Pop this Yuzu warming eye mask on and get to your happy place.

Japan warming eye mask yuzu


Yuzu Morning Face Mask

Saborino's Premium Yuzu Morning Mask is soaked in a milky serum for high moisturizing power to tighten and hydrate the skin with Premium Yuzu grown from organic farming in Saga Prefecture, Japan!  It's the perfect product to streamline your beauty without compromising on moisturizing your skin.  This refreshing all-in-one morning mask replaces cleansing, toning, and moisturizing in just 60 seconds powered by Yuzu! We love to use Saborino Morning Mask during our busy days, the days we wake up late, when we are traveling, and the days we want to press reset on our beauty routine.  



Yuzu Facial Cleanser

For a brightening and moisturizing wash, Yojiya Facial Paper Soap will leave your skin hydrated and ready for the next step in your beauty routine.  This unique Kyoto paper cleanser will thoroughly removes impurities, dead skin cells, and brighten and even the skin.  You can bring this Yuzu Facial Cleanser anywhere with you, 20 sheets of a good wash for the face and hand.  

Yuzu Facial Cleanser Japan


This Japanese Yuzu fruit will surely bright up your beauty routine.  From baths to morning masks, The Yoku Glow, has a wide selection for you to choose your first or next Yuzu beauty product from Japan so you can reap all the benefits.  Ready to Yuzu? 



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